Below are the top recommendations and tips for converting more inquiries into bookings:

  • Reply to inquiry alerts as soon as possible.

  • Edit your listing often to update your listing’s availability calendar, rates, photos, video, etc.

  • Turn our auto-offer ON to send instant offers to travelers and save time answering.

  • Modify inquiry filters to narrow your target audience.

  • Create a special offer to boost marketing of your listing in social networks and media sites.

  • Make it easier for travelers to book online and save on merchant fees, activate EzBookMe.

  • Upgrade to Sponsor listing to get double the number of inquiries, and more overall exposure in RENTalo's partner sites

Edit your listing in full -- On a monthly basis, we audit your listing and send you email recommendations on the items that are missing, or need more data. The more data you include in your listing at Rentalo, the better we can match the inquiries we send you, and the higher we will rank your listing in our directory. 

Turn Auto-Offer feature ON -- This is a very powerful feature that allows Rentalo to generate instant offers to the travelers and vacationers using Rentalo to find accommodations. with the Auto-Offer feature turned on, your listing will be ranked higher in our directory. 

Find an effective way to follow up with our leads -- There is little or no doubt that Rentalo is generating leads. We have much feedback from clients who have been extremely successful in converting our leads. Several of them have told us that their success has been based on their ability to follow up on our leads. Once you have done 1 - 3 above, it is a matter of finding the most effective way of follow up with these leads. Here are some tips:

Receive our Best Value Accommodations Newsletter - Free Vacation Rental, Lodging and Accommodation Deals Be fast in responding to our accommodation requests. Turn your auto-offer feature ON, and if a telephone is available (at least 1/3 of our inquiries have telephone numbers), try calling ASAP. If there is no telephone, revise the auto-offer notification with some incentive for them to call you back.

Receive our Best Value Accommodations Newsletter - Free Vacation Rental, Lodging and Accommodation Deals Offer competitive rates. Learn about what the others owners are offering in your area, and tune up your offer to be as competitive as possible.

Increase your personal inventory -- If your property is booked, you may want to list other properties. Customers with multiple properties listed usually show higher conversions.

Upgrade to a Sponsor Listing -- If you have an exclusive property that deserves to be at the top our listings in your destination in your destination, you should consider upgrading your listing to Sponsor, ranking your property above your competitors, with guaranteed 1st page inclusion. To learn more about our Sponsor program, click here.