When this feature is activated, rentalo.com can generate instant offers for your property (using provided pricing & availability information) to prospective clients (travelers) upon submission of their inquiries. Our Auto-Offer feature provides these key benefits:

- Owners can get more bookings from Rentalo as a result of travelers being able to get offers immediately upon submitting their inquiries.

- Owners save time by not having to reply to individual inquiries.

In order for the Auto-Offer to work properly, we will need the owner's cooperation in the following:

1) Edit Property Details(edit item 1)
As a minimum, you must include the name and description of your property. However we highly recommend that you enter as much information as possible in the description, amenities, & nearby attractions fields under the property details page. This will also help the ranking of your page in the directory.

2) Enter at least 1 picture (edit item 2)
Your listing must include at least 1 picture in order for it to be viewed by the travelers. We recommend that you have at the very least, 1 interior picture and 1 exterior picture of your property on your listing.

3) Enter Pricing (edit item 3)
Your listing should also include the most recent rates in order for Rentalo.com to be able to generate offers that are as accurate as possible.

4) Update your Availability Calendar (edit item 4)
Before you can turn this feature ON, you must edit your availability calendar.

How do I activate this feature?

To activate this feature, all you need to do is follow the instructions under item 5 of your editorial menu when editing your property. See tutorial.

Do I need to do anything else?

Yes. It is the property owner or manager's responsibility to maintain their pricing and availability calendar up to date.

i) You will need to maintain your availability calendar and update it at least once every 60 days in order for this feature to stay activated. The reason why is that we want to make sure that we are not generating instant offers to travelers on dates that are already booked. We will send you email notifications when is time for you to update your availability calendar.

ii) You will also need to update your pricing at least once every 2 years in order to keep this feature activated. We will send you email notifications when is time for you to update your pricing.