At Rentalo, we generate 2 types of inquiries:

Private inquiries - When you edit your property, we will publish it (e.g. list it in our directory and make it visible to visitors). Once your property is published, you can start receiving private inquiries.

Destination inquiries
- When travelers submit inquiries to your destination, Rentalo engine will match the requirements of the inquiry to the requirements of your property listing. We look at things such as minimum stay, pricing (and match it with the nightly budget specified by the traveler), # of bedrooms, type of property (vacation rental, hotel, B&B), and availability calendar. 
If you are receiving inquiries that do not match your property requirements, please invest some time editing your inquiry filters to prevent Rentalo getting inquiries that are not desirable.

If you are receiving emails with contact information, there are a few options available for you to respond to these emails:

a) Via Rentalo - Using our Offer form (recommended)
b) Via Email - Simply by replying to the emails (if provided)
c) Via Phone - if phone number is provided

In addition, you can also respond to these inquiries from My Rentalo, click on “Inquiries” tab to view, and respond to active inquiries for your location.

Warning: If you are receiving emails from Rentalo without the contact information of the travelers, that usually means that you do not have an active subscription with us. In that case, please click on the link provided in the emails to renew or convert your subscription by selecting one of the plans we have available.