Our listing guidelines are simple and straightforward. Please take a moment to read them carefully:

1) Forwarding any of Rentalo's generated accommodation requests or leads (both private and destination) to any other rental or lodging business other than your own is strictly prohibited.

2) All the owner's contact information (including email address, phone numbers, URL, etc) can only appear under "Links" or under “Contact Information” of the listing.

3) Each property listing shall include rental information about a single rental property or lodging facility (e.g., house, condo, bed & breakfast, or hotel).  Listings promoting multiple rental properties or facilities are not allowed.

4) Each listing shall contain as a minimum a "description" in order to be published in our directory.  The "description" of listing can be edited under "Property Details" of the editorial facility.

5) External links to any commercial site such as global or regional directories (or in other words to any of our competitor’s sites) are strictly prohibited. In other words, links to any of our competitor’s sites are not allowed. Only external links to personal web sites, or specific property management sites are allowed.

6) Applicable to 'Pay per Booking' listings ONLY:
Owners are not allowed to contact travelers outside of Rentalo. Listing(s) and messages shall not include any references to direct contact information, including telephones, emails, websites, URLs, chat ids (such as skype), etc.

Please be advised that failure to comply to any of these listing guidelines, as well as with our disclaimer, shall result in immediate listing removal and account suspension, without the right to receive a reimbursement.