So, you made a booking via, and got the final confirmation from the owner, the travel date is here, you take a plane (or drive) to your destination and you can’t get a hold of the property owner.   What should you do?  Below are some tips and recommendations for you to follow:

We highly recommend that you contact the property owner prior to the date of your arrival, preferably by phone.  The contact information is printed in your booking receipt (if you can’t find it, sign-in to your traveler account in at

If you are not able to check-in for whatever reason, first you need to find alternative lodging. Below is the phone number of our reservations desk (open 24 hours):

US and Canada: 1-800-278-5128
Europe: 00-800-11-20-11-40
Use discount code: 56847

You will be responsible to covering the cost of the new reservation, however, keep in mind that your booking via Rentalo is protected, and we will process your refund, assuming that you have a valid reason for not being able to checking in.  Some of the most common reasons for travelers not being able to check-in are:

- I got lost and wasn't able to arrive at the property.
- M
y fly was delayed  / cancelled and wasn't able to check-in on that date.

- I was not able to get a response from the property owner and/or contact in my booking receipt.
- Etc.

After you secure lodging and/or come back from your stay, you need to 
contact us and explain the situation.  We will expedite your request within the next business day.

IMPORTANT: Rentalo's business hours are from 9 am to 7 pm EST, Monday to Friday.  If you need any help outside of these hours, you need to contact our reservations desk to help you find alternative accommodations in case something goes wrong during your trip.  

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip!